Technology is crucial for player development, agility, strength and speed training.

PFL’s tech makes the ultimate difference to the player’s overall development.

Our FIFA-approved synthetic grass and underlay is ideal for training and playing on a real life surface, just like the pros.

And our full size goals allow us to configure the pitch any way we want for match play, training and skills work.


Our video analysis system includes three cameras that capture different angles of play, providing the chance to review by pausing, rewinding, zooming in and slowing down footage. Coaches, parents and kids can analyse every moment, in real time, on our huge interactive screen.

Our Fitlight Trainer is the world’s most revolutionary system, monitoring each player’s movements during training sessions.

And with modern changing rooms, a comfortable café area with optimal viewing experience, quality coffee for adults and great kids’ food and refreshment options, PFL is a facility like no other.


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