At PFL, we specialise in customised one-on-one training. Our expert coaches inspire passion and growth so that every player reaches their maximum potential through their sessions, developing their technical and tactical skills, agility and stamina, and ability to read play. One-on-one packages come with six sessions.


Small Groups

Ideal to get a group working as a team while concentrating on creating cohesion and game knowledge, we take groups of up to 11 kids. For all group sessions above six players, we use two coaches for each session. Each small group package comes with ten sessions.


Goal Keeping

At PFL we know the focus, the athleticism and confidence goalies need. Our expert coaches can help with skills like ball distribution, communication, monitoring the play, one-on-one situations and command of the area using our professional full size goals. Each package comes with six sessions.



Striking successfully is vital to any game’s outcome. We teach young players to confidently take advantage of every opportunity, as well as the technical, timing and positioning skills to make every shot count. If you never shoot, you’ll never score!


Custom Made Programs

If you are an individual, a small group or a whole team, we can tailor a training or skills development program that fits. Contact us to chat about your needs and we’ll design something just for you.



If you don’t have room or facilities at school to conduct proper sessions or games, come to us.

We’ve got the environment that encourages students to bring out their best, promoting a love of football for their school team. Book your next PE class, training session or tournament at PFL with an affordable package, use your coach or one of ours, to enhance your school’s program, no matter what the weather conditions are outside.



If you want to boost morale, build your team and encourage healthy living, why not hire PFL for a corporate session of football fun? Our sessions are tailored to different ages, fitness levels and abilities, all in a supportive, friendly, fully professional environment.


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